FabFilter has announced the availability of their Pro plug-ins in Apple AUv3 format on iOS. Due to more processing power and the advent of the AUv3 plug-in format, Apple’s iPad has become a more serious music production platform over the past years.

The Pro plug-ins can now be used on AUv3-compatible hosts such as Auria, GarageBand, Cubasis, AUM, and n-Track Pro.

FabFilter have put a lot of effort into refining and tweaking the plug-in interfaces with great touch behavior and support for various interface sizes, including full screen support in all plug-ins.

The AUv3 plug-ins are available for sale individually, or as a Pro Bundle that includes all of them. It’s possible to buy one or more now, and later upgrade to the AUv3 Pro Bundle: in this case you’ll pay just the remaining sum.

View FabFilter apps on Apple App Store.